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Hey everyone. Good to look back at your posts and catch up. I've been given several half days of subbing this week. It's God's blessing, and always perfect timing. We are 6 weeks out from the children's consignment sale that raises funds for adoption scholarships. So it's time to start advertising. I'll use these few free hours to make flyers and post them around town.

Friday night our small (me and 2 others) Paper Trails group, after many months, completed seven albums. I am so excited to get these to DCFS and share some love w/ kids who might not feel that loved. You can check out my gallery for a bunch of pages we did (just a sampling). Bellow is an example of how we like to end each book.
End page for Foster Care books By Girlscout333

I made 5 pages out of scraps Friday night. Such a fun challenge! I was totally psyched about helping someone AND reducing my stash.
Could you do this? I promise, your DCFS worker will be thrilled to know someone was thinking of those kids.

blessings and peace to you,

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