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Greetings all! Welcome to our happy little "family" ellybug! Lissa, thanks for sharing that song - what a wonderful reminder that no matter what we're going through we've never alone.

I went back to Blessings and bought the Casting Crowns CD - it's really good! And now I have enough coupons to get a free CD, so I'm thinking about getting another Casting Crowns CD. I also downloaded their first CD from iTunes.

Last Sunday, Molly went on a play date. One of my friends from work has been bugging me to come over and see her new puppy, and last week she suggested that I bring Molly over to play with Missy. Only problem - Molly was afraid of Missy. Missy is a MinPin-Chihuahua mix and weighs about 4 lbs. soaking wet. Molly is about 13 lbs. Kelli and I took the dogs to a local dog park near her house, and Molly was afraid of all the other dogs there. Sigh. But she did have a good long walk and got lots of exercise.

Well, I need to get going. Have a great night!


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