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Where'd everyone go? Hope all is well with each of you!

I have some exciting best friend is getting married next Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! I'm so excited; this is the first actual vacation I'm getting in about 3 years. They got prices for 7 days and 14 days, and I've decided to go for the full 14 days. Cozumel is only a short trip by boat, and they have a lot of duty-free shopping, and there's a dolpinh discovery park there where you can swim with a dolphin. This is one of the things on my bucket list so I'm determined to get to Cozumel to at least do that. Being the scrapaholic that I am, I'm already planning my scrapbook - how pathetic is that LOL?

On the fundraising front, I've hit my goal ($500) and I'm still going! I'm really happy to be able to help out such a great cause with the money I've raised. Now I'm just hoping that the weather will be nice on Sunday!


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