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The best thing to do is contact some local real estate offices and see if they handle rentals. We rent a home and the landlord goes thru an agency, they process the payments, mediate any problems that need addressed, leaky roofs, water in basement, sink needs fixed etc.....and will evict for him if necessary. They charge 6% of the rental fee. We had to sign a 30 page agreement that covered everything from who to contact with a problem, to regulating the number/type of pets we could have, outdoor play structures for the kids, sheds, driveway/snow removal services , how often we have to mow the grass etc......

This protects the landlord against "slobs/trashy" ppl living in his house. They handle the lease renewal every year, and can do a walkthru every month if they want with proper notice to us. (They never have in 3 1/2 years.)

In fact, we have NEVER contacted them at all for anything. We have a great reppoire with the landlord and he calls us and us him freely. They bring us a ham at Easter and Christmas!

Its a lot less stressful as the landlord to let them handle your business, and I think the 6% is reasonable. Especialy if you have someone who doesnt pay, they can and will start eviction services in *10* days. Im sure the fee is different in your area, but may be something to consider.

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