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  • LeeLo on 08-04-12 08:42 PM

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I drive an Altima and I love it! I downsized from a Tahoe. The gas mileage is so much better that it will be worth the payment. Mine has the spoiler, sunroof and nicer wheels...I'm weirdly picky about those 3 things. I've never actually owned a vehicle without a sunroof!

Anyways, I've not had it a year yet, but so far no issues at all. And, for a 4 cylinder, it will GO. I thought I would have a harder time adjusting from a Tahoe to a car, but it didn't take long at all. From the gas mileage to taking curves a lot easier, it's awesome!

I usually get anywhere from the mid to upper 20s in gas mileage, depending on how much I'm driving around town or longer distances.

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