Username Post: Any Young and The Restless Fans Out there?
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Why can't they just let Kevin stay out of unexpected trouble? Wait till Chloe finds out!

Phyllis needs to be found out -- she keeps on talking about truthfulness yet she is a hypocrite at large.

So today we see a big smoocheroo between Tucker and Sharon (the new Mrs. Victor Newman with lost husband) when Genevieve walks in. I thought they might have paired up Tucker and Sharon at one point but then things changed. Looks like Tucker is setting Sharon and NE up for a benefit for himself.

Sharon called security to cancel finding/looking for Victor. Sneaky Tucker and Genevieve will be looking for him unknown to others.

On the LA waterfront, Victor pulled a fast one on an unsuspecting cheater playing dice. They fought outside and Victor came in a mess but the other guy was laying on the sidewalk (said not seen).
Victor has enough money yet he does not travel with enough cash to buy both a sandwich and drink.
Maybe a cab ride was a bit too expensive or he was a big tipper?
At least he knows what time it is with his fancy watch.

That bar looks like a re-vamped Jimmy's with more stock and the shades opened.

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