Username Post: Any Young and The Restless Fans Out there?
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That is a great theory. Let's hope that Heather does not dispose of the snow globe by donation or a yard sale.

Yes, find Ricky's computer! Wouldn't that have been the first thing? Would Daisy have anything to do with this, she is still missing and no mention of her.

Jack dumps Nikki when she arrives home. He has packed her bags for her. He does stand up and take a few steps while Nikki is there.

Kyle decides to move in with Jack.

Tim's neighbor looked at photos with Michael and could not identify the encyclopedia salesman but then she sees Kevin's picture on the cell phone and says that is him. Michael says that she even said she was confused she saw so many photos, that possibly could not be the guy.

Phyllis spills the beans to Ronan then Kevin arrives and freaks out when he finds this out. She calls Ronan later and begs for his help.

Michael shows up for Phyllis's computer and stays while he waits for Ronan to get a court order to collect it.

Ronan shows up without a court order then lies and admits he was having an affair with Phyllis.

Sharon -- she has lost it. Sells horses (a bit too funny). Fires Nick, and is determined to run NE. Special board meeting called and Nick and Victoria figure that Tucker must be feeding her info. Later at the ranch, she and Tucker smooch it up but Tucker breaks it off and leaves. Sharon finds tickets in Summer's purse, evidently thinks up a scheme which we will learn about.

Where is Faith?

Tucker's plan (now Sofia is involved) to get Newman stock to take a dive, and buy it up in chunks at a low cost through a new name corporation that shields his true identity. Jack knows nothing of what is going on.

Pesty Genevieve finds Victor (mission paid by Tucker) but we do not know if Victor knows who he is or not although he asked Genevieve if she knew who he was (no answer yet).

Billy asks Kevin to hack into Tucker's cell phone texts and sees that Genevieve left a message with a location.

Billy hops on a plane to the docks of LA seedy pub and sees Genevieve but then sees Victor alive and well.

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