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Well, the video on the flashdrive (found in the snowglobe by Paul after smashing it with a pan in the sink) watched by Avery, Heather, Paul and Michael was not what we all were hoping for. Ricky has cemented setting Paul up.

Daisy (with new wild hair do) is now "Scarlett" at Fairview hiding out.
Sharon said she did not know her to the doctor when Daisy pleaded to be identified as her real life self.
Daisy told the doctor who she was but he said he would have to check it out.
It would be interesting to have people come in and see her and say, "No, I don't know her."
Who is paying her bill?

Tucker is forced to sign an agreement (last board member to sign) about NE.
He is freaking out trying to figure out a way to talk to Sharon while she is under evaluation at Fairview.

Victor becomes "Norman Rae" rallying the dock workers to unite for better working conditions, pay and benefits. He is viewed as "trouble" by some.
Genevieve calls police to have the fugitive bartender arrested so hopefully she can get a job there replacing him. She then calls Billy to report.

I hope Billy comes clean to Victoria about Victor's where abouts.

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