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I grew up with an advent calendar like that, made by my mom back in the early 1980s, although instead of stuffed ornaments, it was VERY Advent-oriented - each pocket held a tag with part of the story, and an ornament of some kind that related to that part of the story - sometimes a thematic sticker on tag board, sometimes a small plastic figure - all of them with a loop of colored embroidery floss to hang them from the buttons on the tree. In one of the upper corners was a shoelace, sewn on at the middle, and each day I would attach that day's ornament to the tree and read that day's tag and tie it onto the shoelace.

My mom still has it, actually - I need to take some pictures and scrapbook about it for my Christmas album (I don't scrap actual Christmas events, just ornaments and decorations that have personal meaning). And I'll probably bring it to my house once I have kids.

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