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The book about the Navy Seals should be interesting. When we flew home from Hawai the last time Obama had just been there and was enroute to Australia, where we had just come from. (Everywhere we go our paths cross with him - in Seattle, In Singapore, and twice in Hawaii).

Anyway, we were leaving Hawaii on a C-5 and at least a dozen very good looking young men came into the base terminal - Hickam AFB.

They all had big cases - weapons obviously and a few really huge crates with larger weapons and piled them all by the door when they came in to take on teh plane.

Bill told me - Those are Navy Seals and I'm quite sure they are part of Seal Team 6. Some of them probably were there when Bin Laden was taken down.

On the plane (felt safe with those guys and all those weapons!). There were only the Seals and us which was interesting and 73 seats.

My husband asked them, "So what do you do." They all replied, "We are in the Navy".

My husband said, "Look I was in the army for 20 years, Special Forces - I was a Green Beret. We were taught, if anyone asked to say, "I'm in the army."

He just grinned and then started talking to him. Yep, some Seal Team 6 there.

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