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Sharon packed her bags and left Victor's house.
She paid a visit to Tucker who slammed the door in her face (Genevieve double crossed him (brought Victor back from LA) and was in the room when this happened but Sharon did not see her.)
Soon after Victor and Nikki reunite at the ranch.

Wonder what the duel will be between Tucker and Victor. Maybe Jack might get his BoN back due to Tucker's illegal secret purchases. Maybe Tucker might go to jail??? An easy way to get rid of a character for now.

Harmony, Abbey, Heather and Genevieve have all been axed from the show. The new writers will be focusing on the core families only, even though Abbey is an Abbott Newman. I liked Abbey and Carmine together but maybe he will no longer be on either. Jack and Kyle are the only Abbotts left in GC along with John's ghost.

What about Sarge, will he stay or go? Jack can walk now.

Jill should be coming back soon. Of course she will be the last to know all the recent juicy tidbits.

I am having a hard time getting use to Cane's new hairstyle.
Christel Kahlil (Lily) remains as she just renegotiated her contract.

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