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They're not that common, they're mostly up in the lake district of England and they're almost exclusively working dogs. They have insane ammounts of energy. He's barely knee high (he's one of the big ones, obviously from badgering lines) and he can jump as tall as me (5'10"), he can out run a whippet (Specifically effy, who isn't too happy about it) and he can floor a BIG great dane (And when I say big, the one he floored stands a whole head and shoulders taller than most, reaching almost to my breast with all four paws on the ground). So they tend to be almost exclusively working dogs to get rid of all of that energy, so they're not that common. Beautiful dogs though, especially my Paws. he's a right handful! Completely insane too! Terrified of buzzy flies but quite happy to jump down the gap between the railway station and the train! >_

I think I need that dog!

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