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Debbie...I will always have your back!! There have been plenty of times that you've had mine!! As I have said before much too often, I don't have family in the way of sisters, a mother or father...I have one brother who I adore, my wonderful Boo and my beautiful children and grandchildren! But, sometimes a gal needs sisters...people who know where she's coming from and have faith in where she's going...that how I feel about all of you. So certain that when you whenever you need me to take the reigns I will be here...just as long as you come back and take your much adored spot. I am like Rudolph you know...I can get us through any storm with this bright light...but it's the man in red that everyone wishes to see...and you my sister are all that and then some to us here.

Elizabeth...I'm glad I was able to help Darlin'. Anxiety is just the devil and the devil will have NO power over us. Medication can help until you are strong enough to get to the root of your may take years but it will happen. I remember a time when I had to take 2mg of Ativan 3 times a day for a long while just to be calm enough to function in this world. When I think of that now...I realize that was enough medication to knock out a horse. May you find peace where there is anxiety, and compassion where there is control. If I can do it so can you!! Oh btw...sending my phone number to you in a PM...silly me...I say I will be here for you and you have no way to reach sorry.

Yvonne...A single married woman for 9 whole days?? WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO scrap yourself happy sister!!! Sounds like a good time to me!! is wonderful to have the blessings of a NEW day. Often times we take our very breath for granted. I have been so blessed...I am still here in spite of what the doctors have said, and that is because I chose to surround myself with love and light. It just so happens that Joseph is not just the love of my life, but he is my best friend too. So what you saw in that picture of us is so much more than crazy's friendship on FIRE!!! I want you to know that when we are faced with uncertainty as you are of late, the best thing we can do is have FAITH that if I our Lord brings us to it...He will see us through it. You are brave you are strong and you are intelligent. I want you to go to my Facebook page and look for the icon that says notes...go to the note that I have written that says, "Do I Dress The Part?" read that my sweet sister. Let it feel you with strength. Don that amour I talk about...and then STAND.

Martica...It just blows that your DH did not get that job. Tell him to keep his chin up and keep looking. The best job for him is out there.

Joy...Every time I type your name...I smile. You know why?? Because you name suits you perfectly. You are such a joy. You're in my prayers sweet sister...and your beautiful boys. Life is to be lived "one day at a time".

Katie...Tomorrow is the BIG day. The first day of the rest of your life. Go into this grand adventure with a clean slate and a clear heart. You can do it Girl.

Linny...HONK HONK...I love you.

Hugs y'all

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