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Good morning! Another rainy fall day here. I am so grateful, the Cymbalta has kicked in again and this morning I woke without that awful pain in my head/eye!!! It also seems to be helping with the, oh what's it called, seasonal depression. Usually when the weather turns to fall I get this sadness in the pit of my chest....I know that doesn't seem to make sense....I get this scared anxious feeling. So far, I've not felt that! So, I start my day with many, many thanks!!!!

Martica, so sorry this was not the job for your sweet dh...still praying.

On a happier note, congrats on the publishing of your gorgeous projects!!!! That dresser is so creative!!!! This must be such an awesome feeling....thrilled for you gf!!!!

Hey Jo, has the new pizzeria coming along??

Joy, I deal with vertigo, especially when I have sinus infections. The dr gives me antivert. It sort of makes me sleep though. I also have a form of vertigo whereby you can go to a neurologist and they teach you how to deal with to move in certain ways. I never went through it, but I've learned how to move. It's weird, if I get off the bed on the right side I'm fine; if I get off the bed on the left side of the bed, my world spins! Go figure. Sometimes I just lay back down and enjoy the ride!!!! Guess I need to find some more fun things to do in life!!! Hope your vertigo is temporary from the careful!!!!

Kate, today is your moving day!!!! Safe travel....hope when you arrive you all love the new home!!!!

Bon, good to see you posting more often, makes me know you're doing good and keeping on keeping on! everyone in formation??? Honk Honk

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