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Good afternoon everyone! Martica, I'm so sorry that Pedro didn't get the job so I'm praying he gets an even better one! Congrats on the Graphic 45 so deserve it!

The weather here is cold, damp and miserable! I watched the grandies for a few hours and headed home to get back into my jams. We played a few games of monopoly jr. and play-dough dentist. lol I got them a set that has a head with open mouth and place for teeth. You make the teeth with the white playdough and they have silver for fillings and red for braces! OMG, it's the cutest thing, they even have a battery drill! Mason absolutely loves it and it's helping them feel more comfortable going to their dentist. They both needed fillings and Maddie had to have a baby tooth removed. It's amazing what they are coming up with for toys!

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