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Debbieb - sorry about your families loss. so sad...

trying to catch up on draw but my phone is acting up - I gave up being stubborn and told Dave I want to upgrade now.....was set on the galaxy 3S (decided that about 5-6 weeks ago) then Kelly's decision to go with the 3S sold me again - then someone this morning was pushing the iphone 4S (which I could get for $50 - whereas the galaxy will run me $150) talked with kelly (yay) and I am back to the galaxy....not sure when I will do this - maybe tomorrow after soccer, we'll see....i should just order it online, but would be nice to walk out with it in hand.....

WW this morn - lost 2.4. Bowling was good this morning too but we only stayed for 2 games to give G some downtime before swim lessons. Went to Kohls (yay for 30% but chose not to get the margarita maker cause I really want the phone) Did get a pair of khaki like slacks for me, some cami's for shannon, a few things for G and some k-cups for my keurig. Pumpkin spice is back - yay! I do like 30%. Lunch at texas roadhouse Then over to JC Penneys and bought some clothes for G - (need to hem about 4 pair of paints, sleeves I just roll up) been chilling this afternoon- still stuffed from lunch and only ate about 1/3 -

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