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Hi ladies.

Stacey, yet another new director at work so yet more changes. She and the new ETFs that run our meetings all came to us from the public sector and don't quite get that we're private and things run bit different with private. To say it's been "trying" to all see eye to eye is an understatement. DESE (our state dept. of ed.) just keeeps passing more and more regs that require more and more paperwork. I feel like I'm drowning in paperwork some days! Of course, we went for recert. last year and they found some things that needed fixing because of our prior director who totally messed stuff up so we have all that paperwork and tracking to do to make sure we're in compliance with the citations. YIKES!

So are you running the IEP meetings now? Do you do that as the chair? If it's run anything like it is here in MA, that's quite a bit of work to have added to your workload!

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