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Hello Ladies...

Thanks Bon for the Kick in the rear.. I am trying so hard get my mojo back for school. But it's coming. You and Susie gave me added pep talk that I really need. I haven't even told my hubby that I am feeling this way. But I know that this is for me.. I just need to concentrate and just let things flow like they should. I have listened to higher speed tapes to get me ready for the speed I am actually in. I just need to practice more and I will be ok. Just have to take it day by day. Thank you ladies for your prayers.

Praying for all of us through our good times bad times sickness problems and etc.. God is in control and HE is worthy to be praised.. I have a song of praise in my heart and I know that HE watches over us and continues to bless us everyday.

Love you ladies have a wonderful day!!!

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