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Good Morning Ladies,

Come on in and have a sit next to the cozy morning fire. Java is on and it's going to be a marvelous day!

Katie...You may want to follow a bland diet plan till you can get the medical treatment you need. My hubby suffered from ulcers when he was young and a bland diet was the only thing that helped him heal and feel better. Your stomach issues could very well be linked to your anxiety and all the stress and excitement of the relocation. Worry shows up in so many negative ways in our health that watching what you eat will really help you avoid the pain darlin. Why don't you give it a try and see if it helps? Couldn't hurt!

Maggie...Poor Brady! Little guy has no idea how looooong a week is! lol Good luck dog sitting this week.

Susie...Thank you for the gallery sugar for my Nutcracker Sweet Shadow Box Suzie! My mojo has taken a long vacation on me so it felt good to create something special again. Did you post pic's of your new wheels? How exciting, what did you get?

Stefanie...So good to see you check in sweetness! You've worked to hard for your court reporting position to start second guessing yourself. You've got the right idea about relaxing into the right speed with practice! So DON'T GIVE UP on yourself!!!! You've so got this!!!!

Heather...Do you mind me asking what kind of surgery your having? Will you have any friends or family at your side or will you have to do this solo? I once had to have to go through a very scary solo surgery affecting my eye sight when I was in my twenties. I was at UCLA Medical Center and low and behold I had a room mate! Not only was I happy to have someone to talk to and share with, but she had some company visit her and you'll never guess who was kind enough to write me a get well note while I was out of the room in surgery. John Travolta of all people! Just goes to show you that you NEVER KNOW what a new day brings us! So try to keep yourself calm and positive. We'll all be right here praying for you sweetie!

I've got our usual Sunday dinner planned today with the kids. Looking forward to spending time with them today. Have a wonderful Sunday ladies...morning blessings to all!

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