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Good morning!

Wowzer, weather has changed's in the 40's and raining. Had to put on socks and a sweater (over my jammies)....might stay in my jammies all day. Slept till 11 am today. I think lack of sleep this week caught up with me....woke up feeling rested!

Heather, they moved your surgery date up! I thought it was scheduled for the 16th. Please know you have been in my prayers and I will continue to pray for you, and I ask God to guide the surgeons' hands to get you painfree!!

Katie, I agree, sounds like ulcer pain! Just be careful with the pain meds as they could help with the pain, but mask the problem with your stomach.

Maggie how's mom doing? I know how difficult it is to see her ailing. Praying for strength.

Dawna, family Sunday dinner sounds so wonderful!!! Enjoy your day! What's for dinner. And so happy to hear your blood tests are giving you info on why with all your efforts, you're not losing! That can be so frustrating!

Stefanie, so happy to hear you decided to continue with your studies!!!! You can do this!!!

Spent time with Camille yesterday....after thelast surgery she has been hooked up to more machines. She didn't recognize anyone yesterday...praying the swelling in her brain will go down and she will continue on her road to recovery. It's breaking my heart. I'm also worried about my BIL. I see the toll it's taking on him....I worry about the drive he takes everyday from his home to the hospital. He is about 72 I think, but because he is so active and intelligent, one forgets that he is up in years.

Bren, I'm trying to be as positive as you are, and I'm looking back on the last year, but I'm having a really difficult time. It's been the worse year for so many reasons....perhaps at some point.....

Prayers for my sisters.

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