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OK so I have left my depression and self esteem get the better of me lately. I fell out of my chair at work. I rolled that chair back and forth for four years and one day it got caught on the mat. It stopped I did not. (no one saw) I am in PT (physical therapy)its more like boot camp I burn. My therapist saws its pain leaving the body. after week one no results but burning quads. I have 3 visits next week then surgery. Yes I, I was off a week I work 7 days a week and they all run together.

My 13 yr old daughter lives with my ex. she has chosen not to speak or see me in over. My ex promised me he would make sure I saw her before my surgery. So far he is just ignoring me. I knew he was lying but one can hope. She did not call or even send a card for me bday. I sent her a gift and card, no ty.

My surgery is disk replacement c4-5 and c6-7 and widening my spinal canal due to stenosis. It will take 4 hours. I have no family other than my daughter and ex husband near me. My step sister is freaking she cant afford to see me. I have a new friend who will take me to the surgery and bring me home. She is an employee and cant afford to take time offf. I have enough time for almost 2 weeks so i am hoping for donations to help with the other half. Landlord saws if I pay half she will waive the late fee. lol

Ok done whining

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