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    In response to Lorna Lee

Lorna what a terrific reminder today that we are looking for what we think we should get rather than what we need. So appropriate for me at this time and I thank you for posting it.

Linny - Any update on Camille?
Stef - how's the studying going
Drayia - were you able to get cleaned up after all the company?
Yvonne - How's your back feeling?
Jolena - Any update on your new parlour?
Deb - How's that lawn mowing going. If you're like me you put it off....again.
Dawna - who are you dragging off to work out with you today?
Heather - How are you doing with the surgery preparation?
Martica - you work too hard girl...when you gonna chat with us again?
Anna - Hows your week going so far? Early I know.
OK, I can't go back or I'll lose my post so if I missed you it doesn't mean you're missing from my heart.

TaTa for now!

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