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Hi girls,
still laid up. Was hoping to drive Dominic back to Redlands, but went to my post op appt and he said NO WAY! He said you are only a couple of days out and how do u expect to drive 8 hrs. Duh what was I thinking. I was thinking I could do it all, that's what I was thinking. So i've been sent back to bed.

Congrats to you Mandy on your new grandbaby.
Lynn we have way too many tv's and we all have our favorite shows. Thankful for DVR's.
Anyone watching the Voice? DWTS? Survivor? I got tickets to go see the Voice next Friday. I will be upset if he doesn't let me drive by then. I'll go anyway. It will be for the next season with Usher and Shakira as judges. Want to watch Revolution. looks interesting.

I've read everything, but going to be lazy and not post on it all. Just know I've missed being around.
Dominic is going to drive me to lunch right now. then back to bed.

Hope u all have a wonderful day.

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