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Well DH is still looking but we are ok. God does provide somehow. My youngest son Andrew finally started school studying Massage Therapy and is very excited. My oldest Michael in Tallahassee has been invited to join "The Honor Society" don't really know what that is but they say its a prestiges club that only you can join if you have a 4.0 or higher GPA and they have to invite you. We are so proud of Michael, he used to be so bad in school, he has ADHD, and it looked like he was not getting after the military he really made an about face (no punt intended) with his life. I wish there was something new to tell you all but my life is a routine these days... and I am thankful I really don't want any surprises bad ones that is.
It is 11:45 pm DH is fast asleep and I will be getting ready to shut off, so have a great evening you wonderful friends and hope to see you all tomorrow. Sweet dreams.....

Oh I almost forgot posted 2 of my creations in Ebay for auction I have never auctioned anything before so wish me luck. My name in Ebay is Marticadesigns if you want to take a peek. Let me know if you think I over priced it?

Martica, thrilled to hear your sons are achieving their goals. My goodness....The Honor Society!!!!! Yikes... 4.0 GPA!!!!! That is exceptional....congrats!!!!!

Praying that Pedro finds employment!

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