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Morning all, it was so cold this morning I wore my hoodie to the beach It is going to be a hot one though

Sorry the little one was too ill to enjoy the pumpkin farm Rachelle, hope he gets better soon

Hope all went well with the application Amanda

Joy glad Chase slept in for you

Mickey yes the new new have cricut printed on them

Val I hate mothers like that too, exciting/scarey about the coyote

Gigi, you had me laughing about your fire place, all I can say is MEN, so sorry about MIL it must be so hard on all concerned

Todays pic's

another glorious day By CherylfromOz" title="http:// another glorious day By CherylfromOz"Link

this is a krestal, it comes to see us everyday By CherylfromOz" title="http:// this is a krestal, it comes to see us everyday By CherylfromOz"Link

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