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I love it when the Huskers play - I have lots of FB friends that share their thoughts!

Busy day - Special Olympics State Tourney - Bowling - G got gold (only two girls in her division - so she was sure to get gold or silver) She really bowled well. Lunch at Famous Dave's - chilled for a just a short while at home - then G and I went to her Honor Choir "gig" - they sang the Natl Anthem at the CC Hockey Game. Then we all stayed for the game - which was good - at least what I saw of it - I ran up and down the bleachers (nose bleed section) escorting kids to/from the restrooms and the snack bar. Forgot to wear my fitbit today but really - I would have logged some serious stairs! LOL Kids did well - good time

But I am really tired - will have to see if I head to church in the morning....

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