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crafty mom of 5

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Hi Shatema!

I try to ask my kids exactly what they want. Sometimes it changes, but for the most part, the big items remain the same. I try to get them at least one big item that they really want. I love it when something that they want is on sale on Black Friday! If I save enough, I can buy them something else that they wanted!

Michelle, I hope that your phone is up and working. My home phone was supposed to be disconnected because we never used it. They guy came out to install a new modem and my phone stopped working...I thought it was disconnected per my request...that was 5 months ago. I happened to look at a paper copy of my bill last month and found out that they had not disconnected it...I was paying for it, but it wasn't working! They sent a tech out and a cable was disconnected! They charged me $45 for him to come out and fix what the other guy messed up! I was livid!!

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