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Well, because we dont have a LSS anymore I told DH I would be ordering online. All he told me was not to get too carried away LOL. He doesn't, at least in my hearing, call my stuff junk but I know he thinks it. I have shown him what I make for my swaps and I get the question "what is the point or what are you going to do with that" but other things like my cards and LOs he has no issues with me making.
I picked up for free Saturday a rolling kitchen cart. It has a butcher block top and 3 sliding wire baskets underneath. It has already come in handy for I have several projects on the go that needed drying and I was running out of space to put them. It will eventually house my large paper cutter and Other large items that I find I need alot of the time but have no where to store them so they are at my finger tips. I love the fact its on wheels so I dont have to have a perment place for it, I can just move it when needed since I am in my laundry room

Well all the snow is gone again but forcasting for Saturday, which of course can change in 15 mintues around here Had 3 days of ice fog last week and the trees looked so pretty all in hoarfrost but was unable to get out and take a great picture of it.

Have a great day, Prayers going out to Jo of comfort, love and healing, for Linny on healing and pain free day, Bren on your surgery and for God's Bless on everyone else.

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