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Hi Lizie and welcome! I'm in the UK too, near Bristol - not so far from you.

As Mary says, it's hard to explain where to start because everyone learns in such different ways. I started with real basics: a pack of card-stock, a few co-ordinated papers, a paper trimmer, scissors, ribbons saved from chocolate boxes, and the usual ruler, pencil, eraser, black and white markers.

I chose photos for a specific project, my MIL/FIL's ruby wedding anniversary, and had them printed out.

I went to the Gallery here (see the blue tab up the top, 3rd from the left?) and chose LOs that I could copy simply, or take inspiration from.

I cut everything out myself; I had no punches or fancy dies in those days.

I had about 7 weeks to get 15 pages done as a gift album for MIL and FIL. The final page was finished on the morning we collected them from the airport! They loved it so much, and I loved making it so much that I just carried on from there. 5 years later I'm still as enthusiastic about it and I've learned a huge amount.

You'll get a lot of help here. This is a wonderful site, so friendly. Don't worry about asking beginners' questions - we were all beginners once. Just have a quick look through the forums to see whether anyone else has asked the same thing recently. That's the only thing that bugs people sometimes, when 3 people ask the same question on the same page of the same forum without looking first!

Does that help at all?

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