Username Post: Please pray for this teeny one
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What a beautiful name for this precious one. God performs miracles every day. I have a niece who was born not breathing,and her heart had stopped before delivery. She was full term, but drowned because she was stuck in the birth canal. Anyways, long story short, she will be 7 months old tomorrow. She was revived, and spent some time in the NICU, but has no lasting problems from her ordeal. She's our little Cara Bear. Her mom nicknamed her Care Bear while she was in NICU and being denied food. She couldn't feed for 36 hours due to fluid in her lungs. She growled when the nurses kept giving her a pacifier instead of a bottle or allowing her to nurse. But her actual name is Cara Grace, so we call her Cara Bear.

I will keep this angel in my prayers.

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