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Oh my fish! I should just give it up, lol. So it's been a couple of weeks since my goldfish died and the tank was sitting there empty so I thought lets get another fish. So me and the kids went to the store yesturday and bought a fish and small frog well less than 24 hours later the fish is ummmm aaa floating...I guess we'll be going back to the fish store.

Shatema, a retreat sounds like fun but unless I win the lottery I have no extra money for a trip.

Amy, did you get any scrapping done?

That job that I was contemplating about it finally was posted so I applied for it last night, so I guess we'll see. I think my chances are pretty good. I know one girl who is also applying for it I think she's my only competition but it's ok if she gets it because then I'll apply for her job because I really like the department she works in. So either way if all goes as planned the outlook is good. I know there's like 3 people from the jail like office applying too but they don't have the expeirenc of working in the office like me and the other girl. But who knows!

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