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My personal pet peeves:

"I seen her at the mall."

"Can you hang that pitcher on the wall?"

"I axed you a question."

"It's my birfday." (It's one thing when a kid says this; it's quite another when an ADULT still says this!)

I am SO in on this thread!!! I have multiple grammar pet peeves, many of which have already been mentioned.

I HATE "I seen." Also, I work with a girl who says pitcher for picture and I want to scream every time she says it.

Along with the birfday thing, I used to work in a restaurant and people would always request a "boof."

My mom, SIL and I almost always say axed instead of asked (when talking to each other only, of course!) because it makes us laugh.

Two things I heard recently that irritated me: "I had got" and "we had went."

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