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Yeah, the apostrophe in LOs!! AHHHH! I thought that plural nouns were supposed to be one of the *easy* lessons they taught us in English class...

And oh, Sarah!!! That "whenever" thing!! I cringed when you *typed* it! It's a southwest thing. Even my English teacher said it in high school. And although my husband is a Spelling Bee champ and grammar guru like me... he says it too. But that's what they say in Colorado, New Mexico, etc, and that's where he grew up.

And yeah, my BIL says "libary" AND "refigerator"! Now my nieces (age 5) are starting to say it. Good thing my sister is nipping that in the bud!

Oh... question... has anybody ever heard, "So don't I" used in place of "so do I"? My sister's husband's family says it ALL the time. They also say, "so aren't you," but not as often. My sister is CONSTANTLY correcting her nieces because their parents say it at home. Now... how much sense does that make?!

Lauri, now that is just horrendous!

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