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Check out this poor punctuation, spelling, etc! The topic is not important, but I did pull it from a thread here on In my opinion, if someone has an issue with something going on in one of the forums, they should at least check their spelling and punctuation! Oi!

This is a direct quote:

ok this flaker issues has to stop this is getting out of control........

i am couple swaps that were due friday and two of them only half the people have sent in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the one i am angel hosting............. one have rec two packages i know 2 more are on the way.....

other is the abc's of disney and a ton are not here

i have pmed and pmed..

some have read the pms and not repied ( i find this very rude)

but it is geting so hard to swap and host because of all the flakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but wanted to say thanks to all the ladies who are on time and get there items in (sic)

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