Simplify or Step it Up
by Denise Gormish (Jun 23, 2006)

Sitting down to do a layout can be a daunting experience at times. Just picking out the photographs, deciding on the journaling, and choosing colors can be hard enough. Then, there is the matter of deciding what style and embellishments to use for a particular layout!

Whenever working on a layout, one of the most basic decisions is whether to create a basic, simple layout or an advanced one that uses more materials and techniques.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about whether to create a simple or an advanced layout:

Time. Do you have time to devote to creating an advanced layout? Would you rather do a simpler layout in less time?

Theme. How does the theme of your layout feel? Does the layout's subject matter have lots to do and say that could be enhanced by a more advanced layout? Would the theme be highlighted better with a more basic approach?

Photographs. Will an advanced design hinder a good photograph? Consider how to do an advanced layout without losing the spotlight on the photograph. Would a simple design highlight your photograph better?

Personal preference. Do you have a style preference? Does one way feel more complete or finished to you? Your decisions will always be affected ultimately by how you feel about your work.