Design by Jennifer Priest

Makes: 36 kits
Cost per kit: $0.07 (~$2.60 for 26 kits)
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Time for customers to make item: much less than 5 minutes

DESCRIPTION: This is a mini book that folds out to have 4 sections on which you can decorate. These usually have several panels so the book folds out to have many pages. This version has one panel. You can increase the number of panels but must have an odd number of them for the book to fold correctly. You can find more info on These would be cute as cards, love notes, a pet book, or a pocket album of your kid or gift for someone you love. You could even make it for your kids with important phone numbers and pictures in it—like your photo one page and “Mommy’s Cell Phone # (800)344-8899” on the other page and such. That would be good at one of those Babies’ R Us or school craft fairs! Plus it is super easy to make!

SUPPLIES: You will need two sheets of 12x12 cardstock and four sheets of 12x12 patterned paper to make 36 kits. You will also need 18 feet of ribbon, fiber, or yarn. Cost is about 44 cents if you buy the 30 foot spools of cheap ribbon at Wal-mart or other craft stores and you don’t even need that much to make this. SO that cost is about 22 cents for the entire project. You will also need glue sticks.

PREP: Cut the patterned paper into 4” squares and the cardstock into 2” squares. Cut the ribbon into 6” lengths.

1. With the colored side up, fold your 4” square of pattern paper to make a “plus sign” in the middle—so the creases run parallel to the edges. These will be “valley” folds meaning the paper edges poke “up” and the creases poke “down”.
2. Turn it over so the white side is facing up. Make a single diagonal fold by matching opposite corners.
3. Turn it over and fold, following the creases you have already made, into a 2” square.
4. Attach one 2” cardstock square to one side of this little folded square.
5. Turn over and lay ribbon over the folded square so that it is centered. Attach another 2” CS square over that to hold the ribbon on and create the back cover.
6. Decorate interior as you wish.