i was fighting the sticker storage battle and losing...(mostly due to m love of jolee's and bo bunny ;)) and was so happy when clip it up had a sticker organizer that looked like it would actually work. the price however made me less than happy. so i went to my local dollar general and found a thin metal curtain rod for $3 and metal hook pins (the kind you would use for curtains) for 50 cents a bag (14 in a bag). the desk i scrapbook on has two cd towers on each side, with thin metal slots to hold cd in place. i slid the curtain rod through it and started putting the stickers on clips. i was afraid i didn't get enough clips (only 3 bags of 14 pieces each), but surprisingly i was able to fit a good amount of stickers on each hook. the hooks easily slide on the rod so i can move it around to be able to see what i have. just thought i'd share this tip, because i know that a lot of scrappers out there would much rather spend less than $5 than the cost of the clip it up.