You will need clear adhesive such as glossy accents or diamond glaze, head pins (from a jewellery making/bead shop) and any beads you like. Choose your beads and work out which combination you wish to use then push your stick pin, head first, into the glue so it is lightly covered. Then push your beads onto the pin in the required order, the glue will squash up as you do this so you will need to wipe the residue from the top. Stand the pin on end with the beads pointing down (rest it against something) until it is dry.

You are ready to use the pin on your layout or card. :)

NOTE: The head pins do not have pointed ends so it is best to hide the end under another embellishment just for neatness.

If you need more help there are some photos in my gallery or you can send me a message.

Happy crafting!