1. For cheaper patterned paper, check out the gift wrapping aisle. You'll find wrappers in various colors and designs. You may divide the wrappers into sheets and use them as patterned paper or you may cut out the designs and use them to embellish your lo or include in swaps.

2. Search the Internet for cute icons and tags. Save them to your computer and print them for use in your lo.

3. Most product packaging contains designs which can be cutout. Recently I saw a box with lavender and yellow stars in it and I just couldn't resist cutting it up.

4. Whenever you can, don't buy buttons, sequins, ribbons, and lace at specialty stores. Get them at fabrics and trims stores instead. You not only get more, you pay less.

5. Scour old magazine pages for cute and ready-to-use titles and embellishment. Simply cut and paste them to your lo.

6. Make your own swirls, leafy borders, brackets, photo corners and journal tags. You can download free templates in the Internet and print them on the back side of your patterned paper to use as an outline for cutting. OR, you can get creative and really make them on your own.

7. Make your own storage boxes by putting together smaller boxes used in product packaging into a bigger box. Since you will be filling the inside with your stuff (I use mine to store embellishment, buttons, beads and shells) you won't have to worry about making them look good. Just be sure to keep them neat. Biscuit boxes with built-in compartments may also be used in the same way.

8. You may use stationery for journal tags, cutouts, patterned paper.