I read the recent article on Penny Pinching, and it was great! I dont know if this is a Proper thing to do, but It has saved me alot.

I First started scrapbooking digitally, and there are lots of free stuff out there, but I bought some kits as well.
After a while I really Wanted to bring it to life by Traditional or even Hybrid Scrapping, I'd look for deals at my local Hobby Lobby, or Wal-Mart.
Paper Packs can be pretty cheap on sale, and Kits are sometimes reasonable, but embellishments, although they seem inexpensive, can really add up, AND there were some of my digital products I wanted to use, but couldn't find in any store, ect... Sooooo, I used White card stock and printed out some of my digital elements, Then cut them out with a pair of scisors or a craft knife, and the nice thing is, I can do it over and over and over, I have even used my Adobe Elements to change the colors, add Swirls or any other Adobe brush, to change the look of the Element, and then printed them to use on my Traditional pages.
If you have a sticker machine you can even turn them into a sticker or just use a gluesick or some other adhesive.
I know its fun to get new if you can afford it, but I am limited and this was a lifesaver for me!
Also, I save Magazines and tear out words or letters for my Titles or Journaling.