How to Tear Mulberry Paper
By Kerri Russ
May 25, 2004, 06:47

I’m sure you’ve seen those gorgeous layouts with the wispy fluffy-looking stuff behind a photo or journal box then found yourself wondering, “What is that and how did they DO that!?” It’s called Mulberry Paper and no, it’s not made from mulberries. Mulberry paper is handmade paper that comes in many many colors and is quite fibrous.

The main technique for using mulberry paper is tearing but there’s a secret.


Here’s how to do it:

1. Get a small cup and put some water in it.

2. Get some q-tips (or you can use your finger just as well).

3. Dip the q-tip or your finger into the water.

4. Draw a line along the mulberry paper. Don’t be afraid of getting it too wet! The more wet it is, the easier this will be!

5. Grab the mulberry paper on each side of the wet line and pull apart. 6. Let dry and mount!


- If your piece of torn mulberry paper needs a little more tearing, not a problem, just wet the edge and use your fingertips to pull off a little more!

- Mulberry paper looks GREAT under a piece of vellum!

- Mulberry paper looks GREAT mounted with eyelets, especially the antique brass ones!

- Want a cool fiber look but don’t have quite the fiber you want? Try this: using scissors, trim off a half-inch piece of mulberry paper. Dampen your fingers then ROLL the strip between your thumb and fingers... VOILA! A nifty thick strand of mulberry fiber!

Have fun with Mulberry Paper!