Uses for Die Cuts

Use as is, on the page with your photos.

Use the template of the die cut (the part on the outside around it) as a frame or a journal on the page and frame it with the template. Often the die-cuts don't come with the templates, so ignore this one - if so!

Decorate the die-cut with stickers. Put an award ribbon on a trophy, stars on a cowboy hat or boots, ornaments or lights on the Christmas tree, ribbons on the cradle, etc

Dress the scarecrow with gingham paper and use denim clue or denim patterned paper for the overalls

Dress the paper doll using checks, plaids, polka dots, etc... also good for themed. Dress in Christmas paper for Christmas pages, dress in apple paper for school pages, etc.

Make stained glass windows using markers - on a church window for wedding or Baptism pages or Easter pages

Use the Sunglass die cut for the O's in Cool, Pool, or School.

Cut the firecracker die cut in half using a jagged line

Fill a dump truck with hearts, stars, dirt (using brown paper and deckle scissors), etc

Use the camera die cut to frame a photo of you taking a photo!

If you cut the butterfly in half, it takes on the look of flying sideways

Decorate the house die cut with snow on the roof, a Christmas wreath, and lights and use on a Christmas page, or just decorate it to look more

Overlap the die cuts - Place a pastel circle behind the cross, the sun behind a sailboat, waves behind the grass (to simulate a pond), etc

Use the template (the frame of the die cut) and trace the shape using a pigma pen.

Trace the template onto other colors of paper and make MORE die-cuts!

Trace the die cut onto photos. Use ABC Die cuts to cut words out of photos (zoo, Ho-Ho-Ho, etc), or shapes - use bib to cut out picture of baby in that shape, etc...

Cut the wedding cake into 3 different cakes.

Use the bow die cut and strips of the same color paper, and "wrap" your page like a present or tie a ribbon around the page

Use the sun die cut and add sunglasses so you can have a "cool" sun!

Combine different colors of the train die cuts. Match your theme.

Add yellow mounting paper behind a pumpkin die cut to light the pumpkin up

Cut the legs off the cow and move them so the cow is jumping over the moon die cut.

Use a hole punch, and punch a hole in a red apple die cut, to make a worms hole. If you have the piece that you punch out of the basket, this makes a perfect worm.

Use the template part of a die cut as mounting paper behind a rectangular photo.

Use a heart die cut as a picture frame.

For ABC or 123 die cuts, trim the straight edges of the template with
decorative scissors and use them as fancy letters.

Decorate the die cut shape with pens, - trace a thin line or stitches, just
inside the shape.

When using the fish die cut, draw scales on him.

Add fancy paper behind an ornament die cut to fill in the wavy stripes

Add a blanket to a baby carriage. Use decorative paper for this - its ads a really cute touch.

Mount colored paper behind the template, mount on album page and then journal or title the page here.

Using a short-handled scissors, cut an outline around the shape from the template. Just follow the curves and bends - the shamrock looks really great like this!

When scattering leaves on your page, draw stems and lines on the leaves.

Use the hand die cut and make a wreath with the hands

Trim a photo and place it "popping" up from the basket, or a box die cut.

Write your children's school name on the side of the bus die cut

Take the scrap from the basket die cut and use it as a pot of gold for St. Patrick's Day or a Halloween Cauldron for ... what else...Halloween!

For a fall scrapbook page, use a basket die cut spilled over with leaves
tumbling out. Also works good with apples

Silhouette a baby picture and place the baby in the bundle of a stork die cut.

When using the little school house die cut, place the name of your child's school, on the top.

Fold 3 heart die cuts in half, use adhesive and stick the backs together.
This makes a darling 3D heart!

Add a gingham scarf to a snowman die cut.

Cut 3 umbrella die cuts into thirds to make a striped beach umbrella

Cut a die cut in half and place at the edges of a page. - 2 sailboats
gliding across a page both partially in view

Use the pieces that pop out of die cuts (the discarded pieces) as die cuts themselves. (i.e.. the part that pops out of the bib die cut makes a great speech balloon (like in cartoons) etc.

Use the pieces that pop out of die cuts (the discarded pieces) as die cuts themselves. (i.e.. the part that pops out of the bib die cut makes a great speech balloon (like in cartoons) etc.

Cut a template of four acorns, apples or leaves into quarters and decorate the four corners of a page or photo

Add the scrap from the flower pot die cut to a horse as a unicorns horn!

Use scalloped scissors to take a bite out of any of the food die cuts (ice
cream, cookie, etc)

Write "BABY" on the bib die cut.

Use your imagination!!!