Received from another CM consultant & she is willing to share!

Use these Memory Joggers as an outline for your album:
• Title Page
• Coming home
• What is your pet’s name, who chose it & why?
• The funniest moment was when…
• Birthdays
• Favorite moments
• Staying Healthy! – Vet records, etc.
• Holidays/seasons (first snow, etc.)
• Trips
• Favorite games to play
• Obedience School
• Competitions
• Favorite foods & treats
• Bath time!
• Play time!
• Favorite toys
• Sleepy time
• My friends (human or otherwise)
• A-Z album (each page’s title is the next letter of the alphabet)
(A)ccepts you as you are
(B)ehaves when they feel like it
(C)uddles just to be close to you
(D)oesn't give up on you
(F)orgives your mistakes
(G)ives lots of kisses!
(H)appy to see you when you get home
(J)ust "be" with you
(K)eeps you close at heart
(L)oves you unconditionally
(M)akes a difference in your life
(N)ever Judges
(Q)uiets your fears
(R)aises your spirits
(S)leepy Time
(U)nderstands you
(V)alues you
(W)alks beside you
(X)-plains thing you don't understand
(Y)elps when you won't listen and
(Z)aps you back to reality

Memorabilia to include:
• Vet records
• Copies of ID Tags & Licenses (or old expired ones)
• Paw Prints (Use food coloring to take prints)
• Certificates from obedience training or competitions