Are you a scrap horder? Need ideas on how to use those scraps? Here you are:

1. Make flowers out of them
2. Doodle on them-Create cute doodled accents for your pages
3. Use them as borders
4. Make decos with them
5. Use them for the serendipity technique
6. Make cards with them-docorate the front of a card
7. Use them to decoupage
8. Use them to make punchies
9. Punch them with punchies/hole puncher to create 1 of a kind borders
10. Add touch ups to your tags
11. cut them to tags
12. use them for sizzex shapes
13. cut a pattern from them, run it through a xyron machine and you have a new sticker
14. Make photo corners with them
15. use them as journal boxes
16. use them as photo mats
17. take several strips and make a multi-papered heart
18. use them as a back drop for shaker boxes or memorbilia shadow boxes.
19. use them to test inks, paint, markers etc.
20. crumple them up, dip in paint and use as a stamp to make your own background
21. stamp an image on them
22. Use them in the layering technique
23. Cut them with decorative scissors for a new look
24. Have kiddo who want to join you? Pass your scraps to them. they'll make good use of them.
25. give your page an Elise Flanigan look, by adding lots of scraps and buttons.
26. Cut a small triangle from the bottom of a strip and use it as a faux ribbon
27. You could always use scraps for paper piecings
28. Dont have the right color of brad, use a hole punch to make the color you need. Add to your page for a faux brad. *Wont work to hold things together*
29. Need a certain colored, shaped button? Use your hole punch or cut the shape out you need for a faux button. Dont forget to add the two holes in the middle and the fiber.
30. Use them to make monograms
31. Use them to add colorful shapes to you page
32. Cut them so they look like an arrow and arrange them to point at an important part of your LO
33. Create a paper bag album using only scraps
34. Use them to spice up acordian tags/books
35. Use to spice up monograms, journal boxes, etc.
36. Use them to alter lunch pails, altoid tins, wooden letters, etc.
37. Make a library pocket with them
38. Decorate your journal
39. Use them in swaps
40. Try your hand at quilling- cut into long strips
41. Stitch them together or just on them for a new look to add to your pages
42. Use them to create stickers with for your calendar
43. Make a one of a kind lamp shade with them
44. Use them to alter your toilet seat (idea from Erinjo)
45. USe them to create an all scraps LO
46. Use them to cover chipboard shapes
47. Paint them to give them a new look
48. Use them to create a one of a kind key chain
49. Scan them into your computer to make your own digital papers, library pockets, tags, etc.
50. Use them to create tear art
51. Use them to decorate picture frames
52. Use them to create clothes for paper dolls- either for your LO or your kids to play with
53. Distress them to give them a new look
54. Use them to label things ie folders, boxes, etc.
55. create one of kind gift tags with them
56. Create a mosaic with them
57. Add them to die-cuts to give the die-cut a little extra punch
58. Take larger pieces and roll them up to use as a rolled photo frame
59. make mini file folders with them
60. marblize them to give them a new look