"let's talk about me"
"favorite drink"
"favorite smell"
"cherished recipe"
"favorite place"
"favorite song"

about me:
*scrap your horoscope
*"i would do anything for love, but i won't _______"
*what is your superpower?
*what's your one wish...... you only have one, make it count
*when i am sad.......
*then and now
*lifecycles...what are yours?
*i will never _____________
*what is your scent

Misc. inspiration:
*use a book title
*use a bad photo
*use a cd/album cover
*what is everyday to you?
*you are sexy.....find it
*womanhood - what does it mean to you
*use a line from a movie, a song lyric, quote from a book, something that moves you
*crap + scrap = possiblity (use a scrap of paper you can't throw away and use it in a LO
*REALLY alter a picture (ie. sand, paint, chop, transfer, etc.)
*real woman _________

*scrap an inanimate object