Sewing on Paper

Sewing adds a nice dimension to your projects. But thereís a hidden advantage to stitching your projects. Layers that are glued sometimes come apart, but paper thatís stitched together stays secure. Here are a few stitching tips:

-You can sew on almost any type of paper. However, avoid stitching on paper that has a busy pattern because the stitching wonít show clearly.

-You can use a larger needle to punch holes, then a smaller one for sewing. Threaded needles will slide through the holes more easily this way.

-Punch an even number of holes so that stitches work out evenly.

-Although special needles are available for sewing on paper, any type of sewing needle can be used.

-Knot or glue thread ends on the back of your project. Itís best to glue heavier threads to reduce bulk.

-Do all machine stitching on a card before adding any 3D embellishments. This will keep the presser foot on the sewing machine from getting stuck on the embellishments, and will also make the stitching more even.

-Sew a mat and then adhere it to the card front so stitching doesnít show through to the card inside.