Can't remember where I got this but it is fun!

ABC’s Of Scrapbook Terms
Acid-free- Acid is a chemical substance that weakens paper, causing it to brown and become brittle.
Binders & Albums– The main difference in scrapbooks is the binding. Choose from three-ring, strap-hinge, post bound.
Coluzzle– An easy, unique cutting system that allows you to cut photos and then evenly matte them in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Diecuts– Shapes, figures and letters cut in a variety of shapes and sizes, on varied weights of paper. Require adhesive.
Embellishments– Adding the trimmings. This can include stickers, diecuts, memorabilia pockets, glitter, buttons, ribbon and much more.
Frame-Ups– Mix and match frames, titles, people, die cuts and journaling squares that are pre-cut and ready to use. Dozens of themes and holidays to choose from.
Gift Tags– The latest fad in srapbooking; available pre-cut or in a pattern so you can cut your own. Use to "hang" titles, for journaling or simply for embellishment.
Hermafix– A handy glue dispenser for thin paper pieces with glue on both sides.
Ilets– Small, metal or aluminum fasteners that come in a variety of colors and shapes. They can be used to run wire or ribbon through, or simply as fasteners.
Journaling– A narration of who, what, when and where. Tell your story on your pages.
Keepsakes– Anything you might want to keep for generations to come, whether it’s your scrapbook, things IN your scrapbook, an old travel itinerary, or the Purple Heart Award from World War II.
Lignin- A material that is the bonding element in wood fibers. If lignin remains in the final paper product (such as in newspaper) it will become yellow and brittle over time.
Matte– Using another paper, color or texture to create a "frame" for your photos, letters or journaling.
No-Photo Events– Stories you can add to your scrapbooks anyway. For example: getting caught in the rain; what I like about Suzie; feelings, dreams, emotions.
Overlap– Don’t be afraid to take your pictures "as-is" and simply overlap them to make room for as many as you like.
Panoramic Pages– Specialty page protectors that fit into most post-bound and three-ring binders. They "fold out" on one side, creating a 4-page layout instead of the usual two. Perfect for special events like birthdays or vacations where you have too many photos for a 2-page layout but not enough for a whole album.
Quilt Pages– Scrapbook pages designed to look like a quilt pattern, but made entirely from paper, photographs and other embellishments.
Red-eye Pen– An inexpensive "pen" that will correct the red-eye on photographs with a simple touch.
Scraplifting– An indispensable technique that gives scrapbookers great ideas, patterns and techniques. This is not "stealing," merely a way of sharing. Why else would all those magazines print page after page of other people’s layouts?
Twistel– Ribbon-like wire that unravels into ribbon or can be used as is for tying, "hanging" or attaching buttons and other embellishments.
Un-do– A terrific adhesive remover that won’t hurt your photos or paper. Great if you make a mistake or to take apart those old scrapbooks that your ancestors left in disarray.
Vellum– Translucent paper that comes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Great for matting, layering and more.
Wire– Available in a variety of styles, colors and thickness, perfect for "hanging" photos, journaling blocks or other embellishments on your pages.
Xyron– A tool that uses no heat, no batteries and no electricity to turn your photos, paper and embellishments into stickers, magnets and even laminates them.
Yellowing– This is what happens to paper/photos/memorabilia that contains acid or is exposed to acidic material (like newspaper).
Zig Markers– A standard in the scrapbooking industry. Zig markers come in a variety of colors, points and styles, and are probably the best markers out there.