My home size does not allow me to devote one whole room to scrapbooking, yet I wanted my own "space". I got a catalogue in the mail from a pricey company selling scrapbooking armoires that ran at least $1,500.00 each plus shipping. I went to a local home improvement store and purchased a computer armoire for $127.00 and have virtually the same thing, but for a whole lot less. I have lots of compartments to put all my scrapbooking things, and the keyboard tray serves as a workspace that I can easily pull out and put back to store my "pages in progress". If I have only 15 minutes to work on my scrapbook, I just sit down, pull out the keyboard tray, and work for my alloted time. When it's over, I just stop where I am, and shove in the keyboard tray, shut the doors on my armoire, and my house is instantly clean. No more cluttering up the dining room table, and procrastinating about scrapbooking, thinking, "I don't want to haul all that stuff out, because I'll just have to put it all back again, and it's just not worth it."