Lovely images can be produced with your scanner!
With watercolor and paper you can produce a multitude of designs. Wet ordinary paper in the sink, spatter it with your favorite colors, pick it up let the colors run and intermingle. Blot the paper lightly with dry paper towel to get different effects. Lay the wet watercolored paper flat to dry. Or, crinkle it in a ball and unfold it and lay it flat to dry. After it is dry, scan it at 300DPI. If you work with Adobe Photoshop, after your image is scanned, you can go to Hue and Saturation. If you slide the master bar at the top, you can create assorted colors from this one watercolor paper! Try it. Any questions, just ask Linda at Carrollgraphix.

Other scanner tips include, laying images on your scanner, such as flowers, buttons, jewelry, wood, shells... just don't scratch your glass. Leave your cover off, instead place colored tissue paper, a sweater, linen or even your new watercolor paper over the items and scan at 300DPI. Let your imagination go, it is endless what you can come up with! Comments welcomed. Let me know how it works for you!