Ok these are really easy and don't cost but make $1 to make! you have to get just plain ol metal Cookie cutters You can get them at most craft stores(wal-mart had some but the where brass and more expensive)You find a piece of paper you like I used Christmas scrapbook paper! YOu use a pencil to trace the outside of the cutter and then cut it out! you take some tacky glue or school glue works too! and go along the edge of the cutter! Line up the paper and cutter and press down! choose a ribbon and tie it between the cutter and paper! and there you have it a beautiful Christmas Ornament!

You can also use Pictures for the background!

( I lost both grandmothers this year so for my parents i made them these with a picture of there MOM on it they really enjoyed them even though it brought tears)

There is a picture in my Gallery for and example!